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Hey Families! Watch, sing, and rock out with your very favorite JKids artists every day! We will be adding new videos to this page very regularly, so make sure to come back and visit soon.

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Rick Recht – “The Rainbow Song”


Noah Aronson – “Goofy Guf”


Mister G – “Mundo Verde/Green World”


Josh and the Jamtones – “Tailfeather”


Billy Jonas – “Jewish Holidays On One Foot”


Shira Kline/ShirLaLa – “Earth Worm Disco”


Sheldon Low – “Shalom Shalom”


Joanie Leeds – “Bandwagon”


Eliana Light – “The Yad Song”


Chava Mirel – “Stand Up”


Susan Shane-Linder – “Life is Good”


Sarah Aroeste – “Las Komidas”


Ellen Allard – “Bo Bo Bo Bo Boker Tov”


Jason Mesches – “Faith”


Melita – “Turn the World Around”


Nefesh Mountain – “A Mighty Roar”


Miss Emily – “Tree Animal Song”


Josh and the Jamtones – “Snow Day”


Ellen Allard – “Ten Etzbaot”


Sheldon Low – “Shehecheyanu”


Abbie Strauss – “Shavua Tov”


Mister G – “Bossy E”


Melita – “Rainbow Around Me”


Julie Geller – “Elokai/Oseh Shalom”


Sarah Aroeste – “Ora de Despertar”


Mister G – “Siete Elefantes”


Chava Mirel – “Come”


Billy Jonas – “Some Houses”


Joanie Leeds – “Kids Place”


Judy & David – “Crazy Square Dance”


Sheldon Low – “Achshav”


Mister G – “Love to Read”


Melita – “My Roots Go Down”


Sarah Aroeste – “Las Manos”


Jason Mesches – “If God’s A Giraffe”


Eliana Light – “Synagogue Detectives”


Nefesh Mountain – “I Want to Hear Somebody Pray”


Laurie Berkner – “Pajama Time!”


Billy Jonas – “Grassroots”


Susan Shane-Linder – “I Want to Sing You a Happy Birthday”


Sarah Aroeste – “Saludos”


Melita – “You’ll Sing a Song”


Mister G – “Cocodrilo”


Elana Jagoda – “Oseh Shalom”


Joanie Leeds – “Little Cloud”


Chana Rothman ft. Isaac Zones, Eliana Light – “Gates of Justice”


The Macaroons – “Matzoh Ball”


Jason Mesches – “If I Were a Tree”


Melita – “Feelings”


Mister G – “Chocolalala”


Sarah Aroeste – “Mi Famiya”


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