Cantor Seth Ettinger

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Cantor Seth Ettinger

Cantor Seth Ettinger is the cantor of Congregation Beth Israel, the oldest Jewish congregation in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to his cantorial duties, Cantor Ettinger works as the songleader for the Chanen Preschool where he teaches children ages 2-5 popular Jewish and secular songs as well as original compositions. When the pandemic hit and Chanen was forced to go remote, Cantor Ettinger held daily virtual music sessions with preschool families called “Rockin’ With Cantor Seth.” These sessions were so popular that they were getting over 2,000 viewers each. Cantor Ettinger decided that this was the right time to record an album of the music that the children were learning and singing during these sessions as a fundraiser for the Chanen Preschool. After a successful jewcer campaign, Shabbam Jam was born. The Shabbam Jam crew consists of Cantor Seth Ettinger, Erik Rendelman, Stacy Rosenthal, and most importantly David and Shai the Shabbat Dinosaurs. Shabbam Jam’s album of the same name is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and Youtube. All proceeds go to the Chanen Preschool of Congregation Beth Israel as a donation by Cantor Seth Ettinger.

Music by Cantor Seth Ettinger

  • Shabbam Jam
Cantor Seth Ettinger — Shabbam Jam
  • How Do You Do Your Bim Bim Bam?
Cantor Seth Ettinger — How Do You Do Your Bim Bim Bam?
  • Blessing Our Children
Cantor Seth Ettinger — Blessing Our Children
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