Saul Kaye

Saul Kaye is an international touring artist pioneering a new genre of music: Jewish Blues. If you can imagine Muddy Waters meets Shlomo Carlebach, you’ve got an artist here who is bringing something new to modern Jewish Music and bridging the gap between the Delta and the Torah. Through beautiful music and an amazing ability to read the energy of the room, he has helped to bring many people to the Shabbat experience who otherwise had not found their connection to Judaism. After releasing 10 CDs of his own and producing 8 for other Artists, Saul Recently released his 3rd book entitled ‘This Gift.’ The book explores the deeply personal journeys of 15 Jewish music artists at the top of their field. He is happily married to Elana Jagoda Kaye and the father of Elijah and Bayla.

Music by Saul Kaye

  • America the Beautiful
Saul Kaye — America the Beautiful
  • Cain
Saul Kaye — Cain
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