Rory Michelle Sullivan

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Rory Michelle Sullivan

Singer-songwriter and artist-educator Rory Michelle Sullivan creates joyful and moving songs and musical gatherings that enliven the spirit and wake up the soul. In all she does, Rory Michelle aims to inspire individuals to become the most self-realized version of themselves. Her vivacious, infectious energy lights up a room and catalyzes the magic of ritual and singing together. She is a sought-after and influential leader in contemporary Jewish music and education nation-wide. From tiny babies to elders, from lively camp and synagogue Shabbat programs to intimate healing services, Rory Michelle has touched thousands of individuals with her enchanting voice and spirit. Find her at

Music by Rory Michelle Sullivan

  • Goodbye, Shabbat, Goodbye
Rory Michelle Sullivan — Goodbye, Shabbat, Goodbye
  • Birkat Hamazon
Rory Michelle Sullivan — Birkat Hamazon
  • Tagid Li (Tell Me)
Rory Michelle Sullivan — Tagid Li (Tell Me)
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