Josh and the Jamtones

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Josh and the Jamtones

Josh & the Jamtones are an interactive, ultra-powered dance party machine. Our buddy Stefan Sheperd (ZOOGLOBBLE/NPR CONTRIBUTOR) calls us a “ten-ton bundle of energy,” and we like to think that pretty much sums us up.

We make music for kids! And their grownups. Plus big brother/big sister, grammies and/or pappies, family pets, babysitters, 3rd cousins, elderly neighbors, old college roommates, etc. We’re pretty inclusive like that.

To quote Christina Refford (senior editor over at Amazon-affiliate COOL MOM PICKS) “NOT ALL KIDS MUSIC IS BARNEY SINGING LOVE SONGS OR ‘CIRCLE TIME’ MUSIC, I PROMISE. IF KIDS CAN — AND SHOULD — HAVE GREAT BOOKS, MOVIES AND TELEVISION SHOWS, WHY SHOULDN’T THEY HAVE THEIR OWN MUSIC THAT HAPPENS TO BE AWESOME TOO?” Right?! We think this is pretty spot-on and have made it our lot in life to cook up loads of awesomely danceable, hyper-creative (and pretty stinkin’ hilarious if we do say so ourselves) music and videos for the 21st-century kid brain.

Our music’s got swagger: infectious, ska-centric jams run into stadium-sized monster rock choruses, which blend into a cappella sing-a-longs fueled by slick beat boxing and massive four-part vocal harmonies–all packed into a ball of frenetic dance party craziness! Sounds fun, right? It is, we promise 😀

Bottom line: Josh & the Jamtones are guaranteed to get crowds of any age moving their bodies, laughing out loud and singing along, regardless of age, height, shoe size, etc.

Music by Josh and the Jamtones

  • Hi Five Torah Jive
Josh and the Jamtones — Hi Five Torah Jive
  • Channukah Song
Josh and the Jamtones — Channukah Song
  • Artik Menta
Josh and the Jamtones — Artik Menta
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