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Emily Aronoff

Dr. Emily Aronoff supports synagogues, schools, and adults foster Jewish identity, learning and community. She is an educator and musician dedicated to increasing and improving the ways communities educate and engage children and families in joyful Judaism. Her work focuses towards creating meaningful, memorable moments that foster relationships, nurture learning, and encourage harmony. Her careful attention to environmental design and deep respect for the beauty of cognitive diversity demands a rigorous intentionality – a strategy that amplifies impact.

‘Miss Emily’ compositions have been featured by PJ Library, Behrman House, Transcontinental Music, her music shared in classrooms and congregations worldwide. Her work has been published by The Jewish Educator, The Journal of Jewish Music, Kveller, RJBlog, ScaryMommy, and more.

Emily is also the founder of www.shalomsquad.com, a Jew-ish gift shop that seeks, supports, and sparks shalom. She lives in South Florida and is the proud mother of three brilliant and inspirational explorers.

Music by Emily Aronoff

  • La La Love (V'ahavta)
Emily Aronoff — La La Love (V’ahavta)
  • Makin' Music (Psalm 150)
Emily Aronoff — Makin’ Music (Psalm 150)
  • Dancin' Song (Ivdu Et HaShem B'Simcha)
Emily Aronoff — Dancin’ Song (Ivdu Et HaShem B’Simcha)
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