Andi Joseph

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Andi Joseph

Andi Joseph is beloved by kids, parents, and educators alike. Her timeless,classic music always receives rave reviews. High energy, warmth and catchy, fun songs are her natural trademark. Kids listen to her songs over and over again while learning Jewish traditions and values and having a fantastic time singing and dancing along.

With years of experience both performing and as a preschool music specialist, Andi really connects with the kids through her joyous and fun melodies. Her music delights, educates, entertains and provides great teaching tools that are widely used in preschools, camps and synagogues.

Andi’s 3 Jewish CDs are a “must have” for all Jewish preschoolers and include:

“I’ve Got A Shabbat Feeling!”
“It Was A Miracle!”
“It’s Seder Time!”

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