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Abbie Strauss

Cantor Abbie Strauss serves as the cantor of Temple Judea in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Abbie earned her BS from Indiana University and has a Master of Education from SB University in St. Louis, Missouri. She has also studied at the Pardes Institute of Jewish studies in Jerusalem and received her Cantor’s certification from the Cantors Assembly.

Abbie has over a decade of experience as a professional musician. She is classically trained in vocals, is a singer/songwriter, and has a background in piano, guitar, and saxophone. She has sung at Carnegie Hall as well as performed at NBA games! She is the founder of The Institute of Jewish Rock and a familiar and sought-after musician in the Jewish music scene. Her first albums Spark/Nitzotz and Hakol L’tovah/ It’s all good are featured in many music publications and on Jewish Rock Radio. Her new albums: Shine On/ Zoreiach and Ki Karov/ Up Close available now!

Music by Abbie Strauss

  • Hava Nashira
Abbie Strauss — Hava Nashira
  • La'asok B'divrei Torah
Abbie Strauss — La’asok B’divrei Torah
  • Five Books
Abbie Strauss — Five Books
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